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When you are browsing the Imagine Limburg website, hopefully you not only enjoy the photographs, but also the design and user experience of the website. Well, at least that’s one of the targets to aim for! In this article I set out pro’s and con’s of the Rife Free Theme for WordPress and how it works in practice on Imagine Limburg.

A theme for photography

When I started with Imagine Limburg (IL), I struggled to find a clean, future-proof setup that had to become the foundation of the website. As IL is destined to become an image-heavy website, content management systems specific for photography (like the Koken CMS) were evaluated first. However I struggled to find a nice (and free) base theme to go with that. Quickly it was decided to use the WordPress (WP) platform, as that gave plenty of theming options and I was already familiar with using WP.

Next on the list was to find a nice and clean – and preferably free – theme that could display full-size images in some sort of slideshow manner, because that would have to become the homepage. Turned out this wasn’t as straight-forward as you might think …

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