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With all the beautiful places around the world, sometimes we forget to look at our own backyard. My name is Ronald and I live in The Netherlands in a province called LimburgTHIS is my backyard!

The reason this website exists is because photography is something I like to do in my free time. Over the years I have accumulated a lot of images that gathered digital dust and I wanted to do something with them. Well, what better way than to showcase them on a website, right? It also gives me a good reason to go out and shoot new images, improve my photographing skills (which is something I really want to), become better in photo retouching and to work on a website. Things I all enjoy.

Strictly Limburg in The Netherlands?

Images you’ll see here also include the ones taken in the province of Limburg in Belgium and nearby Germany, because that is nearby too when you live in the south of the Netherlands! There is no strict border I guess, as long as I can go there within reasonable time, images might end up here.


My (long-term) goal is to keep the focus mainly on (large sized) photographs, so don’t expect (too many) blog posts, travel information or anything like that. Eventually it would be cool to add a web shop for ordering prints, but I would need to do some investigating first to see if that is feasible (because who would want to have one of my prints on their wall?). Or a coffee table book with images that you could order would be nice too.

For now I have opened a “shop” at Werk Aan De Muur and Oypo where you can buy (big size) physical prints on various materials (high quality photo paper, acrylic glass, canvas, wood). Have a look if you’re curious! You can also support me by buying me a coffee!


One final idea I have with this website is this: are your from or do you live in Limburg and are you an enthusiastic (and serious) photographer as well? Maybe then you would be interested to join me by contributing your images of Limburg as well! Because the region is just too big for me to explore by myself – there’s so much to see, there are so many places to go and events to attend. This way Imagine Limburg / limburg.photo could become a great image source for travelers and locals alike. Let me know if you are interested, just send me a message and we can have a chat to see how this would look in your eyes!


No. Just no. However, if you would like to support this site, consider buying a physical print or two or just a coffee via Ko-Fi or by using the Brave browser! Because the truth is, running this site does cost money (think: hosting, having the SSL certificate, using a plug-in or two). So any financial support will be greatly appreciated!

What about privacy & tracking then?

I can be short about this too: I’m not interested in what you all do on the internet! 🙂 Full disclosure: I have Matomo (formerly known as PiWik) installed on THIS server that runs the website to see what is most frequently viewed, and to monitor any errors. That means that any data gathered will not be shared with any third-party whatsoever. And of course you are free to block Matomo – it won’t break the site! If you have questions about this, feel free to send me a message.

Use of photos

One final thing, should you wish to use one of my photos in a (online) publication or (digital) print, please feel free to get in touch so we can discuss this! I’m sure we can work something out.

Enjoy browsing around, would love to read your comments and spread the word!

Ronald Smeets

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